At Sirkeci Railway Station

Travel, to immerse yourself in this world and to reach a superior level of knowledge At Sirkeci Railway Station in Istanbul, the famous train of Agatha Christie in "Murder on the Orient Express".


Browse in space

Communicate through the clouds. The revolution was already. Words and images can navigate in space. The dream became a reality. There remains the archeology of the media that depended on the hand. And now? The new media, how do the mechanisms of democracy work? There is some disappointment ... Let's see what happens.


Almost perfect objects

They amplify the purest signs of nature. Almost perfect objects that resist fighting the passage of time. They belong to the previous time, without having died in the past. The sensory experiences that came earlier ...
All of today's most virtual innovations are increasingly available to everyone.
These because they are more physical, because they produce heat, are inscribed in the periphery. They are more exclusive because they are part of a more concrete world. Also because, were generated from the human hand. Like the image that represents them.


The fascination on the knowledge

We can examine in detail a complex picture of time. The transformations of the existence of any subject. Ask questions about what is to come. An image full of questions (and doubts). An exercise on the look like a long walk of my own. Celebrate the flow of life, the real of the overdraft! The vestiges and the fascination on the knowledge from the mutations of our existence.


understanding the world

Basic geometric forms facilitate the understanding of the world in an intuitive and universal way, in the face of which the superfluous has been eliminated.